Hi, Welcome to my reviews. Below are few of my honest reviews, which I ended up doing after years of collecting reborn dolls as a hobby. I personally is a huge fan of reborn baby dolls, a hobby which I find time consuming, life time activity. I have few friends taking care of reborn and are collectors of different types of toddlers.

What is the best reborn doll?

Well, to get an answer this question, you might want to go through each and every review online and be satisfied with what I am about to tell you. There are many sources online to find reviews of each doll available in on the market today. Out of all the reborn dolls for sale, I have listed 4 dolls below, which I own. It’s often the same question come to our mind, which one suites me best?. Well, best doll for yourself depends on your interest, age and amount you are willing to spend. Always the cheap reborn baby dolls are not the best dolls, that much is cleared for me after all these years with dolls, and with my daughter how inheriting my doll collection.

Paradise Galleries Baby Doll

For what it’s worth, I find Paradise Galleries Baby Dolls, is very lifelike and realistic than any other reborn doll makers. There are number of reasons for me to come to that conclusion. First the material used for designing the doll, are high quality vinyl and soft cloth. And because of the measurements of this baby doll, it has become one of the best reborn toddlers which anyone has ever made. This doll is very realistic and weight as a real human baby. With body and hair color matching all the other features of this work of art, this has become the most popular reborn toddler in the market today.

little-peanut-baby-dollAshton Drake’s Little Peanut Baby Doll

Next on my small list is the Ashton Drake’s little peanut baby doll. Peanut baby dolls is handcrafted by popular Doll Artist Tasha Edenholm. You’ll fall in love with her once you got your hands on her. Her bright blue eyes, peanut nose and tiny fingers has made her more realistic as well as her right weight. You can buy accessories for this doll directly from their website, Ashton Darke. There are few down sides on this one. First, you cannot bath the doll, which is ok if you plan to get it as a collectible. And few had complained that legs and arms are not strong enough. Also the legs and arms are not movable, hair is falling down are the other complains I came across while looking at the reviews online.

Denise Farmer Baby Doll

Denise Farmer Baby Doll is also a good choice, which is offering more realistic experience. The arms and legs are full vinyl. She wears size preemie and the outfit is great. They offer fast shipment and if you’re looking for a quick present for your loved ones, this would be a better choice. Few customers had complained that the arms and legs are not movable, fingers & toes are not realistic & glue on hair is visible.
Little Grace Baby Doll & Truly Real Lifelike Baby Girl Dolls are same in quality. Little Grace Baby Doll looks like a newborn baby, wears a tiny disposable dipper. Disadvantages are you cannot feed her or comb her hair. Recommended for daughters in ages between 5 to 7. Denise Farmer’s Truly Real Lifelike Baby Girl Dolls is a sleeping baby doll girl in fits preemie clothes. Also gives you a realistic look for the money you spent.