Am I ready to adopt a reborn?

Taking a reborn doll for adoption is a big decision, which you shouldn’t make without giving much consideration. Beginners for reborn dolls think that reborn dolls are not very different from normal toy dolls. With a mindset like that, your reborn doll might end up being damaged or destroyed even. So first, you have to ask from yourself, that you’re really ready to adopt a reborn toddler.
Collecting reborn dolls is a rewarding hobby, which not only fun but also a creative leisure time activity. Your friends might get jealous looking at your reborn collection. Comparatively this hobby is new, there are still people who haven’t seen or even heard of reborn dolls. Reborn originated in late 90s and it’s becoming popular without age limits. Starting to collect reborn dolls surely give you satisfaction, that you’re onto something, which is new but highly popular hobby that’s expanding throughout the world.

life like baby dolls

Reborn dolls are not toys..

True, they have dolls is their name. So people tend to assume that they are toys, which is not true. If you’re planning to treat your reborn dolls as toys, you will not make the best out of it. Otherwise, your reborn doll might become damaged or even destroyed as we mentioned earlier.
The rule of thumb in this hobby, is to treat your reborn doll as an actual human baby, not a toy. If you don’t plan to invest your leisure time and energy to take care of a reborn baby, then you shouldn’t adopt one. Toy baby dolls would be a better option, if you think of reborn dolls as toys. Always remember, that reborn dolls are NOT toys. I think I have stressed enough how important the way you look at them are.

Making a safe home for you reborn

If you are going to adopt a reborn doll, you have to make sure that your home is a safe place for a reborn baby. There’re many items in home that can damage your reborn toddler. Before the adoption, go through every room and check that it’s safe for your reborn baby. After making sure, that your place is safe for a baby, now you can move on.
Most common household dangers for reborn toddlers are pets, such as dogs, cats. They might claw and scratch your reborn babies, damaging specially the vinyl and the paint. These damages are mostly impossible to fix. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t adopt a reborn baby. Make sure you place your reborn dolls in an area which is far away from pets & other possible household dangers. For example, cleaning chemicals, spilled drinks & too much explosion to the sunlight can be harmful for your reborn baby doll.

Adopting a Reborn as a present for a child

Reborn dolls for children might not be a good idea. If you getting it for a small child it will most probably will get damaged. Small children, they like to bend, press them and even scratch their toys. SO if you are thinking to get a reborn doll as a preset for your child who is below 4-5, that is not a good idea. May be a normal doll would be better if you ever come across such a situation.

Newbies to reborn dolls tend to end up buying cheap reborn dolls under 100 dollars. True, you can purchase really cheap reborn dolls. But remember cheap ones are not always they best. Lifelike reborn doll artists spend 30-40 hours on each doll, to give it a more realistic look. Only the quality materials would cost more than $100. Think about the hard work that goes with crafting, designing and painting. Now you know the reason, why the more realistic dolls are costly.
If you are thinking of adopting a reborn baby, make sure you spend couple of hundred dollars. Additionally as your interest grown over time, you might want to buy accessories for your dolls. Such as doll clothes, cribs, toys for your babies etc. A high quality doll will last longer, it will stay in shape and will not shade the color over time. That’s why I suggest you to spend much into your dolls, because it worth it!


Reborn dolls for sale are not for everyone. Creativity, realistic work that comes along with reborn doll making doesn’t create toys, but realistic lifelike baby dolls. Reborn dolls are ideal if you’re not looking for toys, but for a collectible work of art.
Adopting a reborn can change your life, you’ll enjoy your time around them. This is a rewarding hobby which will make your friends jealous