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paradise-galleries-baby-doll-reviewToday, Im going to review the newest paradise galleries baby doll I bought for my daughter last year Christmas. Luckily I found a coupon which was %25 off the price at amazon. It was inside a handy little box, and inside was my little baby dolls wrapped in white paper. She’s kind of heavy just like a real baby. She has big brown eyes and was wearing a sweet little baby clothes. She was so adorable and sweet & came with so many accessories as well. Clothing is well made & size is really accurate. She looks and weights so real. My daughter was so excited to see what she gets for Christmas from me. She unwrapped the box and when she saw what’s inside, she said “aww”! This was the best Christmas gift.

This reborn doll will not be a disappointment, She weights a real like feel, has a nice little head of hair. And she comes with so many toys and clothing accessories. She does look like the picture in the advertisement, I can assure you that. She is truly adorable and fun. I enjoy looking at my daughter playing with her new baby doll. She dress the dolls in different outfits and change her dipper, talk to her and having so much fun out of the doll.
At first glance someone would think that she’s a real baby doll. Her painting was a true art, she has real eyelashes and painted eyebrows are very realistic. She even has blushing and dimples in all the typical places, 19” tall and she can fit newborn Huggies diapers. Later I bought her couple of pajama sets and a stroller. Because the strollers we had wouldn’t fit for her. My daughter loves pretending to bottle feed paradise galleries baby doll. Doll’s legs are vinyl and in a bent pose, arms are half vinyl. This doll comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Me and my daughter actually enjoys babysitting this little angel, she feels so real.

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Paradise Galleries Baby Doll

Features of Paradise Galleries Baby Doll:

  • Material: Gentle Touch Vinyl and Soft cloth body
  • Size: Approx. 19” Head to Toe
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Hair Color – Dark Brown
  • Weighted cloth body for life-like feel
  • Hand applied eyelashes and Hand set eyes


  • Very realistic
  • Free accessory set.
  • The clothing is well made


  • She smells of chemicals
  • Her wig is not that great


If you’re looking for a real life like baby doll for sale for your loved ones, this would be my first recommendation. Even though she’s got few cons, Overall experience is great. This would be your daughters or granddaughter’s favorite toy.

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