Best Reborn Toddlers for Sale

Reborns are high quality vinyl baby dolls that have been enhanced using a variety of techniques by highly skilled artisans to produce strikingly life-like collectibles. The doll collectors highly value these gems.  Silicone Babies first began appearing in the early 1990’s and have since gained world wide popularity. Now there is plenty of market for these real looking dolls. With modern technology artists produce Reborn Toddlers which are exactly like human babies. They breath, their heart go up and down, simile even they do eat!

Realism is the key to top of the line real dolls.  The best reborn babies come equipped with spines, squishy tummies and other soft, human like body parts. Producer should be able to make them very accurately & anatomically correct. The creator of a baby doll reborn must use high quality silicone or glass beads to create realistic weight.

Little Grace So Truly Real Lifelike Reborn ToddlersHigh quality human or mohair is painstakingly rooted strand by strand in the heads of these unique reborn baby dolls for sale. With purpose of give them the most realistic look possible.  State of the art technology like breathing mechanisms, heartbeat units take the art of reborning one step further. Giving the ultimate in lifelike appearance, they create a breathing lifelike baby doll!

Many owners dress, wash and treat their reborn babies for sale much like they would an infant.  This role playing and the life like appearance of the dolls can often lead to misunderstandings.  Police have been called several times because passersby have thought that infants where left in cars.  Police in Australia even broke out the glass on a car window to “rescue” a reborn baby!


Reborn Toddlers for Sale

Dolls vary greatly in quality, options and price.  Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Realistic baby dolls for sale can cost anywhere from $50 to $5000 depending on the quality and artist.  Some artists produce in limited quantity batches while others are completely unique.  If you’re willing to pay top reborn toddlers can even be designed to resemble a picture of an infant given by customer.

While a variety of artisans sell their dolls at collectible shows or on their own websites. The best marketplace for these dolls is Amazon.  The online auction marketplace has thousands of dolls, accessories and kits for those interested in making their own reborn babies.  You will find the best prices on amazon and have the potential to get a top quality reborn at a great price.

What is “Reborning” ?
Reborns for short, or reborn infants, are high end collector dolls which have been altered to become super-realistic and life like. The procedure is known as reborning because a doll that was normal reborn and is chosen into a lifelike, high end item of affection.

A fundamental vinyl doll is taken apart by removing limbs and the head. The factory paint repeated until the whole doll is down to it’s base colour and is removed using harsh chemicals. Genesis heat paints are used as they’re the finest in the marketplace. The pigment is in using the heat from an oven or kiln baked as colour is applied.

If nicely done, fingernails, lips, eyebrows and other details can make the difference between excellent and good reborn infants.

The size can be changed to give the look of a particular expression. After the eyes, hair that was realistic is added. The greatest reborn babies out there have rooted hair, although some artists use wigs.

The artist tends to body and the assembly of the reborn. Head and the body can be full of steel ball bearings or sand, silicon beads to reach the desirable weight. Many high end reborn infants have high tech alternatives like breathing machines that push the torso down and up modeling actual respiration.

Creating reborn infants is difficult, but can be quite rewarding.

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