About Me

Hello again, I’m Kate, this is my blog with a goal to help other families which are suffering from the equal grieve of not having a baby. It all started for me, almost a decade ago, when I had my first husband. We didn’t have any children, I was having a rough time period, not being able to give a birth to a loving child. There were days I couldn’t even sleep, depressed and drowning in sadness.
These reborn baby dolls gave me much comfort. I treated them carefully, bathed, clothed and applied cologne just like a real human baby. They kept my mind out of misery, helped me to spend my time joyfully.
Anyway, our marriage didn’t last longer. Long story short, I remarried. We spent our honeymoon far away from previous house. Finally god answered to my prayers, and it was the starting point of a new chapter of my life. Seeing the positive sign of my pregnancy test was the best moment of my entire life.
Oh god! Finally, after all the years of sorrow. God gave me a so adorable baby girl, who was exactly looked like one of the dolls I had in the beginning. I felt like I am the luckiest woman in the world. The sun was shining above our lives. Our baby girl enlightened my life, our life.

Now she’s 4 years old, playing with my old collections of reborn dolls. Watching her like that, is everything to me, and to my husband…