Reborn Baby Dolls | I found the most realistic baby doll

Doll is part of every girl’s childhood. No matter she’s from a rich or poor family, what religion, race, and tribe she belongs to. There is no gift which would make a baby girl happier than a doll. Dolls are meant to treat carefully, cuddled and taken care of. But these days, they are not only toys of little girls but also for adults. Reborn Baby Dolls for sale are becoming popular among the society, so more women are tending to adopt lifelike silicone baby dolls. There are many reasons behind a woman or a couple adopting a silicon baby doll.

Best Selling Reborn Babies for Sale Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageRatingProsCons
Paradise Galleries Baby DollParadise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll
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4.5 / 5- Very realistic
- Free accessory set.
- The clothing is well made.
- Her wig is not glued well
- Smells of chemicals
Little Peanut Baby DollLittle Peanut Baby Doll
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4.5 / 5- Overall experience is realistic.
- Smells good & soft
- Head is hard & Heavy
- Hair is messy & falling out
- Legs & arms could straighten out more
Denise Farmer Baby DollDenise Farmer Cherish Collectible Lifelike Vinyl Baby Doll
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4 / 5- Fast shipping
- Very lifelike
- Glue on head is visible
- Messy hair
- Not very realistic
Little Grace Baby DollLittle Grace So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll
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4 / 5- Very realistic- NOT 100% silicone
- Not like the pictures shown
- Hair is very thin & tangled
Truly Real Lifelike Baby Girl DollTruly Real Lifelike Baby Girl Doll
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3.5 / 5- Very soft
- Better for Children
- Disappointed at first sight
- Head/Hair is falling down
- Not Recommended


What Exactly Are Reborn Baby Dolls?

Reborn Baby DollsThese dolls are made of silicon and look a lifelike baby. They are adorable and lovely when clothed and placed in a crib. With the development of technology there are baby dolls for sale which even have simulated heartbeat and breathing.  Many companies all over the globe are in the business of creating and shipping lifelike baby dolls. In the beginning artists, doll collectors and hobbyists were interest in buying fake babies. Mothers who lost their child in the early age and couples who are infertile tend to buy baby dolls. So, nowadays woman in all ages and different professions are adopting reborn babies.

Why Are They Called Realistic Baby Dolls?

Simply, because they look real, lifelike human baby. Mother’s who are infertile and depressed because of that, are tend to buy these real looking babies. They treat them as they’re real since dolls give much comfort, and to get busy treating them and helps to keep their mind off from the sadness. And as a gift, they are important, there’s nothing more valuable for a baby daughter than a realistic baby doll.

Daughters enjoy playing with dolls, specially when they’re in ages between 3-11. My daughter is very busy with my old collection of these dolls. It’s enjoyable to watch her treating them, bathing them, clothing and putting to sleep. She loves all of the dolls I had. Specially the one in pink clothing, we call her Anna. That was my first real looking doll, I bought it from a sale in Florida years ago.

Why real baby dolls are popular?

These lifelike silicon dolls are most popular among women who cannot bear children/have never bore a child. Reborn dolls give them temporary fulfillment of becoming a mother. Reborn Baby Dolls take away their sorrow of not having a child to hold and a take care of. Specially first timers buy real looking baby dolls in hope of having a baby in their house, even though their child grows.

Not everyone can afford fifty thousand and buy a realistic doll with a brand name. Choosing the right one will get you a beautiful reborn baby at a good price. You’ll have to be careful when buying reborn baby dolls for adoption. Because some artists are not experienced or material they are using is not good.


They are also called Silicon Baby Dolls?

These real baby dolls are made with silicon, at least the top quality artists use silicon as far as I know. When silicon is used, they look more attractive, strong but cute and comes with a guarantee on lifespan. I still own the first silicon baby doll I purchased nearly 12 years ago. It is good as new. I think that is the different between a quality product and a low quality one. Check below for important tips when you consider buying baby dolls.

Here are few tips to follow when buying Reborn Toddlers…

What kind of paint has used for skin effect?
For the best, artists have to use multiple layers of set paint which is heat genesis. Only then the skin color would not fade over time or use. You can check the photographs, taken closely to the skin to identify whether the paint is not just sitting on the vinyl.
How hair has inserted?
Look closely to the hair to check whether they have inserted one or two strands at a time to the scalp. If a wig has been used than inserting strands of hair, it should have to be secured with good quality adhesive. All the edges should be covered to get the realistic doll look.
Has the body made of best quality materials?
The best quality ones that you can buy online are the soft materials and vinyl. They advertised that they have used the best materials for the body. But you’ll have to check the skin color and should feel similar to touching a human baby’s skin.

Some More Tips are Below:

  • The costs of each kind varies quite drastically as you’ll shortly find when you go online to search for realistic baby dolls. Actually there are several top artists who make Reborn Dolls as they’re more generally called and which constantly sell for a cost that is very high. These ones are the finest to gather surely if you’ve got cash to spend then.
  • If cash is somewhat qualified subsequently buying custom made ones from up and coming artists is your most suitable choice. There work so it’ll just be a brief time before their standing as being great at this will improve and will be equally as great as the more famous artists.
  • There are number of things that one must consider before cash is changed if you are looking to buy realistic baby dolls. In this post we offer a couple of purchasing suggestions which you may find helpful.
  • Look carefully at the scalp of the doll and request to see photos of the hair was added into it. Great quality custom made realistic dolls hair is going to have been added in a couple of strands to the scalp at a time. Subsequently after finish the origins of the hair will be sealed inside using adhesive. No big plugs of hair should be observable when hair was put on the scalp correctly.
  • If a wig was used rather than the strands of hair being separately added it should have been fixed correctly using an excellent quality adhesive. Additionally the borders should be covered up so the realistic appearance to the doll is kept.
  • The finest ones which you can purchase online are those that are made using vinyl and soft stuff. They should feel similar in touch to an actual infants skin after they’ve been painted to create the correct skin color on them.
  • In this post we’ve supplied you with some buying hints in regards to purchasing realistic reborn toddlers including custom made models on-line. It’s important prior to making your purchase spent time comparing the various kinds available. Not only will you then have the ability to recognize the ones that are great from the poor but you may bag yourself a bargain too.

What other accessories do I need, when buying a baby doll?

baby doll accessoriesThere is few other items come in handy when you have a baby doll. Such as strollers, car seat, bottle and bib set. Most of the doll sellers offer one or two accessories free with the main product. They are not pricey as the dolls, but check the quality and the material used. Many law quality products are in the market, since lifelike baby dolls are a all time favorite product. Next important item is baby clothes. I used to weave clothes for my baby dolls, since I had much free time back in days. But now, baby clothes are available in many designs.